About Us

About Us

Bluetech Holdings Limited was founded in Australia, then the head office was moved to Hong Kong, providing the world’s largest support and higher efficiency. With the rapid development of business, Bluetech opens more branches in various places in the world, which distributes in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia and India, and we have set up our own factories in China, Japan and India, of which the total area of China’s factory is up to 10000 square meters. We have professional teams around the world with rich industry experience. Through providing customers with the high-quality products and services in China, we have won the recognition of international partners and end users in the industry. Bluetech has become a major supplier of AdBlue ® fluid


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Address:No. 31, Siheng Road, Wentang Brickkiln Industrial Park, Dongcheng Sub-district, Dongguan City